BRC Certification

The quality control system at St. Clemens Food Products is based on the international accepted HACCP principles and the Blue Cheese - / Yellow Cheese - and butter production are certified after the BRC FOOD standard. This gives a homogeneous and effective control of food safety and product quality.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

BRC is a global standard for food safety which is used by companies exporting goods to UK and the rest of the world. The leading English retailers agreed on development of a standard for approval of suppliers.

The standard consist of six main areas, among these a self control program. Furthermore there is a requirement of a quality management system, production site and equipment, control of products, control of processes and personnel.

A BRC certification is valid for one year and is based on a third parts audit. This standard is the sharpest and most detailed standard for food producers in the world.

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