About St. Clemens

About St. Clement / Bornholm Andelsmejeri

We are a modern and versatile dairy exporting to large parts of the world. We produce cheese for export and consumption of milk to the
Bornholm Island market. Our skilled staff is an important factor to make the company a competitive supplier.
It is our foremost duty to provide quality products to our customers who meet the requirements and specifications which they may have.

Short about the company

Bornholm Dairy is a cooperative and owned by the Bornholm milk producers. Since 1972, it has been the island's only dairy. Our 34 milk suppliers provide daily milk into which is produced for human consumption, Milk, butter and cheese. We produce yellow cheese, hard cheese (Greek style) out of blue cheese.
At Bornholm Andelsmejeri we live by, to export our goods worldwide and our primary task is to constantly deliver products that meet our customers' demands for quality, labeling and delivery.

Quality - Flexibility - time delivery

These words are the core of our business and our customers associate with Bornholm Andelsmejeri. Our products - especially blue cheese has over the years repeatedly won many national and international awards for its amazing quality. So that we can ensure this, it is extremely important that our employees live up to this every day through diligence, commitment, flexibility and versatility, so the goods can be shipped on time as agreed with the customer.

We live on satisfied customers

In order to have satisfied customers, it is important that our products meet their requirements. This means that we meet their needs for quality, packaging, labeling and delivery on time. They know that we deliver quality cheeses at competitive prices.

Flexible and modern production

Our production is modern and very flexible, which is one of our strengths because we can always optimize our production facilities by being able to move around on our employees when there is a need for this.

Certifications and Standards

Bornholm Dairy produce food of very high quality and to prove this to our customers, we are BRC certified in butter, Blue mold and yellow cheeses. BRC standard is highly recognized in the food industry and covers quality management system, food safety and quality assurance. This certification demanded by many customers. We also produce cheese for our customers' own internal certifications if needed.